Welcome to Kwik Consulting, Switzerland

We care for our client’s business as our own. We share their ambitions and align our incentives with their objectives – so they know we’re in this together.

Kwik Consulting based in Zurich/Switzerland offers a range of financial and consulting services.
Owned and run by Mr. Eng Gwan Kwik, who has extensive experience for more than 40 years in local as well as foreign banking and Trade Finance Services.

As an independent Consultant, we serve Companies, Institutes, Private individuals and public authorities. Our principal objectives is to act in the interest of our clients in every respect, regardless of the business volume involved.
We strive for professionalism and independence and maintain discretion and dependability in all our services.

On this Website, Kwik Consulting offers the following “Services“:
Trade Finance Services:

  • We specialize in establishing Documentary Credit (L/C) including back-to-back and transferable L/C.
  • We specialize in Forfeiting and Discounting under the scope of Trade Finance Services as well as buying or selling Promissory Notes.

Offshore Structures:

  • We offer expert assistance in the establishment and management of offshore companies.
  • We provide you with tailor made solution to problems arising from your international financing and handle all the administration of the offshore company.

Business Support:

  • Comprehensive back-office and administrative support for professionals and small to medium-sized business.

Management Services:

  • Consulting and business administration services to implement international trade, finance and holding transactions.

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