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Eng Gwan Kwik

Eng Gwan Kwik

There is no business environment that is more secure than Switzerland. It has a reputation as an excellent financial center, as well as providing an efficient and extensive communication infra-structure and therefore it is an ideal base for the financial services that you need.

Kwik Consulting based in Zurich offers a range of financial and consulting services. Owned and run by Mr. Eng-Gwan Kwik, who has extensive experience for more than 40 years in local as well as foreign banking and trade finance services.
His client data base constitutes major companies in the Southeast Asia region. All clients accounts will be under direct control of Mr. Kwik.

As Consultant, we serve companies, institutions, private individuals and public authorities. We recognize the specific needs of such client communities as a result of our precious day-to-day experiences.
Our commitment is to continually align our activities with the changing needs. It has been proven to be an effective approach in providing market-oriented and client-compatible services to our clients.

Our principal objective is to act in the interest of our clients in every respect, regardless of the business volume involved.
The emphasis in all our activities is to ensure that high quality services are provided. We strive for professionalism and independence, and maintain discretion and dependability in all our services.

We look forward to working with you.